Free social media learning resources.

The resources below have helped me to become a good social media manager and content creator. I have completed some of the training and am still taking some of the classes. 

Learn from different mediums. I have put together different mediums from which I have learn new skills I.e. Free online courses, must watch videos, podcasts to follow and book recommendations. 

Talk to experts. In case you have someone you look up to in this field, talk to them. I am available to talk for free.

Study everyday. Do not rush to complete the courses especially the top 9. Plan to study 3-5 topics in the week. Dedicate 2 hours from Monday to Sunday for learning. You will retain more knowledge doing this.

Don’t assume everything you read is true. Do some research on topics you come across in blogs, podcasts, videos or social media post including the ones I post. In the process of fact finding, you will learn more and faster.

Make learning your lifestyle. Chose to learn something new everyday. Be thirsty for knowledge. On your way to work, listen to a podcast, while you are waiting for your food at a restaurant, read a blog of follow a tweet thread, instead of watching TV all weekend, dedicate one day to your online course. 


My top 9 courses.

  1. Facebook Blueprint created by Facebook.
  2. Twitter Flight School created by Twitter.
  3. YouTube Creator Academy created by YouTube
  4. Google Analytics Academy created by Google
  5. Google Ad Grants Online Marketing Challenge (OMC) created by Google.
  6. Social Media Marketing (Short Course) created by Oxford Home Study Centre
  7. Social Media Marketing Course created by HubSpot
  8. Introduction to Social Media Strategy created by Buffer
  9. Social Media Marketing Courses created by Alison


  1. QuickSprout University created by Neil Patel
  2. What Is Social? Hosted on Coursera and created by Northwestern University
  3. Social Media Monitoring Hosted on Udemy and created by Eric Schwartzman
  4. The Business of Social Hosted on Coursera and created by Northwestern University
  5. Social Media Ethics Hosted on Udemy and created by Eric Schwartzman
  6. Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking up Clients Hosted on Udemy and created by Brian Yang
  7. Social Media Quickstarter created by Constant Contact
  8. Marketing in a Digital World Hosted on Coursera and created by University of Illinois
  9. Inbound Marketing Certification created by HubSpot
  10. Viral Marketing and How to Create Contagious Content Created by University of Pennsylvania
  11. Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Graphic Design Hosted on Skillshare and created by Smithsonian Design Museum
  12. How to Create Better Graphic Design Hosted on Udemy and created by Inoshiro Design




That is it for now. If you need any help, any questions, a study companion, don’t be afraid to reach out to me @TukundaneYonna




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