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  • Free social media learning resources.

    Free social media learning resources.

    The resources below have helped me to become a good social media manager and content creator. I have completed some of the training and am still taking some of the classes.  Learn from different mediums. I have put together different mediums from which I have learn new skills I.e. Free online courses, must watch videos,…

  • The best audio set up for your smartphone.

    The best audio set up for your smartphone.

    In this moment I have with you, we will look at how best you can improve the audio quality for your, Tiktok videos, Facebook live, Instagram live, WhatsApp calls, Skype and videos to capture moments.

  • Taking photos for Facebook.

    Taking photos for Facebook.

    This is how I take great photos for Facebook using a smartphone. . In this blog, Facebook is a summary of all its other brands such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook App and Instagram.

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